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My name is Suzanne, and I live in Orange County, California.

Seven years ago I was in a serious car accident and lost the use of my right arm. I’m right handed … so, bummer! The accident occurred when someone ran a stop sign and t-boned my car on the driver’s side, spinning the car a full 360 degrees on impact.
I’ve gone through nine surgeries, and basically pure hell, since then. I now have about 25% use of my right arm. I had electrodes implanted in my arm and shoulder, a battery/charger to control them inside my abdomen, and I often refer to myself as The Bionic Woman. 

I am under the ongoing care of a pain management specialist and a physical therapist. As a result of the car accident, it took me over three years to hold a DSLR camera again. I am now one of the only “one-armed” photographers in the world. (In reality, I DO have two arms – but only one of them actually works the way an arm is supposed to!) 

My passion for photography is a huge driving force in my life. 

My photos have been featured and/or highlighted by a lot of cool people (and places) (and media forums) over the last couple years.

A surprising number of people even have my photography hanging in their homes and offices.

Isn’t that the coolest thing ever?
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